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Port Douglas Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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Port Douglas is mainly used as a base for visiting the nearby Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef. The main allure is its  Four Mile Beach— which is right by the town and easy to walk to.

In addition, there are other options for enjoying nature by checking out the Rainforest Habitat and the Australian Muster Experience, while Flagstaff Hill affords incredible views over the town and the coast. Port Douglas also comes with one or two museums, including the Port Douglas Courthouse Museum, as well as a pretty church.

Four Mile Beach

This beautiful, sweeping beach stretches from the edge of downtown Port Douglas and heads south for four miles. It is one of Queensland's nicest beaches as it is long and wide and is good for families. Four Mile Beach is accessible from town on foot and is great for sunrises.

Rainforest Habitat

Located just south of town near the golf course is the Rainforest Habitat, where you can visit crocodiles, kangaroos, and koalas as well as close to 200 other species. Rainforest Habitat is especially popular with kids and is known for its champagne breakfast buffet.

Saint Mary's by the Sea

Port Douglas doesn't have many distinctive buildings, but Saint Mary's by the Sea is a nice break from the norm. It is the most popular church in town and is located right at the coast and surrounded by trees.


Flagstaff Hill

For views of Port Douglas and the coast, a walk up Flagstaff Hill is a must. Known as 'the lookout', it is an easy stroll up the hill from the end of the main street in Port Douglas and has the best views of Four Mile Beach and the Coral Sea. Sunrises from up here are sublime.

Port Douglas Courthouse Museum

Located on Wharf Street, Port Douglas Courthouse Museum reveals all about the history of this small northern Queensland town. It is the oldest structure in Port Douglas, to boot, having been built in 1879.

The Australian Muster Experience

The Australian Muster Experience is just out of town along Kingston Road and is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas. It depicts life on a remote cattle station in the outback, where participants are in workers' garb and cattle and horses graze, and they also put on a barbecue with live music. Get here by taxi or tour bus.

Bally Hooley Railway

The Bally Hooley Railway is a narrow gauge sugarcane railway and runs a train throughout the day. It only goes a few miles – from the Marina to St Crispin's Station – but offers a unique look at Port Douglas and only takes 15 minutes.