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Delhi Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Delhi is widely known as a dining destination; aside from the delicious Indian cuisine, a number of excellent international restaurants serve up dishes from around the globe.

It is possible to find food from all over in India in Delhi, due to the large migrant population of the city. Southern specialties such as idli, dosa and sambar are widely available, as well as Bengali, Hyderabdai and Rajasthani cuisines.

Some dishes originating from Delhi include chaat and dahi-papri. Chaat is similar to Spanish tapas, and can take many formats; however, in Delhi chaat usually consists of a deep fried pastry shell stuffed with lentils and topped with chutney.

These dishes are sold by street vendors, and although they are delicious they can cause stomach upsets, otherwise known as the dreaded ‘Delhi belly'. The city is around 1,000km from the sea, so this is worth considering when deciding between seafood and meat dishes.

Eating meat during the stifling summer months is also particularly risky, and with the huge choice of vegetarian dishes on every menu, dining veggie style is usually the best bet.

Bengali Market

This is a good spot to sample local specialty, chaat. Although locals insist the best chaat is served by street-side vendors, most travelers find the restaurants in this area provide a comfortable middle ground between authenticity and hygiene.

Galia Kababian

This stretch of kebab shops serves up mostly Mughal-style meat (mutton and chicken). The really ravenous can feast on an entire stuffed goat, or for a lighter bite, chicken noor jahan will more than suffice.

Khan Market

This area of the city offers more upmarket eateries, including international restaurants such as Thai, Japanese and Italian restaurants. Diners in this district will have to dig deeper than usual when the bill arrives; however, the international dishes are still cheaper than in the swanky hotel restaurants. 

Delhi restaurants

Maurya Sheraton
Diplomatic Enclave
New Delhi
Phone: +91 11 301 0101
Regularly rated as India's best restaurant, Bukhara's prices match its lofty reputation. The roast lamb and Bukhara dal are divine, and the restaurant has a seductive ambiance which adds further magic to the dining experience. 

Punjabi by Nature
11 Basant Lok
Vasant Vihar
New Delhi
Phone: +91 11 460 15253
Widely considered one of Delhi's best restaurants, this establishment creates a wide range of Punjabi sensations. Prices are fairly reasonable, but be prepared to pay more for seafood. 

Chor Bizarre
Hotel Broadway
4/15A Asaf Ali Road
Phone: +91 11 232 73821
This quirky establishment specializes in Kashmiri food. The buffet is presented in a vintage car and the restaurant is decked out like a thieves' market. The concept has been rolled out worldwide, but this is the original prototype. 

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