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Where to Stay in Honolulu - From Luxury Beachfront Resorts to Budget-Friendly Hotels

Accommodations in Honolulu cater to the wide array of visitors the city receives. There's everything from romantic beachfront resorts that are perfect for honeymooners to budget-friendly hotels for families. You can find a place to stay almost anywhere in the city, but the most popular areas are Waikiki Beach and downtown. Both are notable for their proximity to sand, sun, and the city's top attractions.

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Family Adventures in Honolulu - From Marine Life and Swimming With Sharks to Riding the Waves

There’s more to Hawaii than stunning beaches and dazzling nature - just let your kids show you. From getting up close and personal with exotic marine animals to spending an afternoon learning about the importance of rainforests, Hawaii will foster your kids’ interest in the wonders of nature, while providing them with thrilling experiences they’ll never forget.

Tracing Honolulu’s Arts and Culture From Hawaiian Kings to World War II

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is a city with a famously diverse history and culture. You'll find an array of museums showcasing items from Hawaii’s dynastic past, landmarks celebrating past kings, and galleries that focus on local artists. From Christian missionaries to World War II bombings, Honolulu is filled with thrilling tales and visually stunning artifacts.

Hawaii – a guide of where to stay on the islands

Hawaii is the most recent of the USA’s 50 states and is the only state made up of only islands. Hawaii has eight main islands which are located in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian word ‘Aloha’ is said for hello and goodbye here, so get ready to hear it a lot. Each island has luxury hotels and resorts, especially Lanai Island, mid range hotels, honeymoon suites and family friendly hotels and resorts complete with spas.

Where to shop in Hawaii – where to go and what to buy

With Hawaii being an idyllic island paradise state, shopping isn’t perhaps top on most visitors’ lists. However, there are shops on this chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. One of the most popular souvenirs from Hawaii is bath and body products. The state is known for producing the most refreshing fragrances in the form of shampoos, oils, incenses, lotions and soaps. You can also bring home pineapples and coffee.

An Oahu island guide - natural beauty, modern luxury and the best surf spots

Welcome to the island of Oahu, a charming mix of ancient beauty spots dotted along a rugged coastline, a vibrant art and music scene, and home to arguably the best surf spots in Hawaii. Take a historical pilgrimage to Pearl Harbor, browse the boutiques and beach-front eateries of Waikiki, and spot green sea turtles at the popular Hanauma Bay. 

Where to eat in Maui – a food and dining guide

It’s not just beautiful beaches and pristine nature that draw people to Maui. Its food scene is unique among the Hawaiian Islands – food caters for dedicated locavores, and a drive across the island can leads you to renowned restaurants and roadside food stalls, tucked into the curve of valleys and on the backstreets of characterful towns. 

Hawaii Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

When it comes to eating, there is an excellent variety of culinary styles on offer in Hawaii including traditional Hawaiian, Portuguese, and a whole host of Asian and European flavors. Hawaii also specializes in fusion cuisine, which was mostly invented here.

Hawaii Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Hawaii, United States

Featuring some of the most spectacular beaches and other natural beauty spots in the Pacific, this stunning archipelago consists of more than nineteen volcanic islands, and visitors can choose touristy urban wonderlands and remote jungle hideaways.

Hawaii Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without browsing for bargains and there are certainly plenty to be found as the large shopping malls offer regular deals and consistently low prices.

Hawaii Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Hawaii is a particularly easy place for visitors to explore as English is widely spoken throughout the islands and tourism is at a high level, meaning that there are plenty of good hotels, restaurants and other facilities for guests. Although many attractions are best explored by private transport, there are plenty of public buses available.

Hawaii Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

With a total of six stunning islands to explore and numerous sun kissed beaches to relax on, visitors to Hawaii really are spoilt for choice. In addition to dormant volcanoes and lush jungle to trek through, there are also a large number of interesting towns and villages to visit.

Hawaii Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Visitors to Hawaii will never be stuck for something to do as there is a wide range of entertainment options aimed at people of all ages and from all walks of life. There are outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, surfing and snorkeling, while shopping and island hopping is always popular.

A Hawaii travel guide – romantic sunsets and heavenly tropical beaches

Picture-postcard views greet travelers at every turn on vacations in Hawaii. Graceful palm trees shade golden beaches, sunsets turn evening skies orange and purple and the sound of the surf provides an evening lullaby. Book a hotel in Hawaii and pack your bags for paradise.

A Honolulu travel guide – tropical beaches, hula parties and romantic sunsets

A Honolulu vacation means soaking up Hawaiian sunshine on palm tree-lined beaches by day and romantic evenings watching the sun dip into the Pacific Ocean. So grab your surfboard, book your Honolulu hotel and step into a true tropical paradise.

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