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    • You choose how you collect 10 nights. Whether it’s a single stay or multiple trips, 10 nights add up fast
    • Collect nights at over 500,000 properties around the world
    • The value of your reward night is the average price of the 10 nights you collect
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    • There are no blackout dates or restrictions
    • Redeem your reward nights at over 500,000 properties anytime, anywhere.
    • From Nov 27, 2019, a fee of €4.00 will be applied to each reward night you redeem. There’s no fee if you redeem on our app
    • From major hotel chains and beach resorts to boutiques, villas and apartments, all types of properties are included

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I received a Secret Price and used my reward night for further discount - Hotels.com is the best company for rewarding customer loyalty!

Pia, UK Member

It’s free to join and takes less than a minute

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Terms and Conditions

Hotels.com® Rewards is for guests aged 18+ who signed up with a valid email address. When you book and stay 10 nights at eligible properties, you’ll get 1 reward night to redeem anytime, anywhere at any eligible property. Your reward night will be the average value of the 10 nights you’ve collected. You just pay taxes and fees. From Nov 27, 2019 a redemption fee applies to each reward night, unless redeemed on the app. If you’re redeeming your reward night and choose a higher priced room, you only pay the difference. You can’t collect or redeem nights if you apply a discount coupon to pay for your stay or for package bookings. Read full terms and conditions

Secret Prices are available to Hotels.com app users, Hotels.com® Rewards members and individuals subscribed to Hotels.com by email. Secret prices will be shown where the "Your Secret Price" banner is displayed on your search results. Available on selected hotels and selected dates only. Subject to full terms and conditions.