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Cancun’s Buzzing Arts and Culture Scene, From Street Performers to Mayan Ruins

Cancun is young and buzzing for sure - but the city has absorbed the cultural traditions of the rest of Mexico as well as the ancient Mayan civilization that once inhabited this coastline. The local community is actively involved in organizing live performances and cultural festivals that Cancun visitors and residents alike can enjoy.

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The Bright Lights of Cancun Nightlife - From Hip Clubs to Evening Cruises

When the sun goes down in Cancun, lights gleam across the city and the moon shines over the Caribbean Sea. Excited travellers change out of their bathing suits and slip into casual resort wear, then step out of their hotels to experience Cancun nightlife. Whether you’re up for a night of dancing, a quiet drink, or an evening cruise, you’ll find plenty of options in Mexico’s party central.

Cancun for Families - From Jungle Tours to Eco Parks

Cancun’s all-inclusive resorts and eco parks create a paradise for families in search of an action-packed vacation. From snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean to gripping jungle tours, Cancun is home to family-friendly excursions that will keep kids of all ages - and their parents - active and happy.

Good to Know - Travel Tips for an Easy Cancun Vacation

The destination of Cancun, Mexico offers warm weather year round, stunning tropical scenery, and white-sand beaches. Mexican culture has earned fame for its warm hospitality, and the locals you'll encounter in hotels and restaurants are accustomed to working with people of all nationalities. If you have any questions, you’ll almost certainly find the concierge and front desk employees at your hotel willing and able to help.

48 hours in Cancun - see more than just sea

Most people visit Cancun to unwind on gorgeous beaches in the sun. But there’s no shortage of things to do for the traveler who wants a little more from their holiday. Here’s an itinerary which will allow you to see the best things on offer in just 48 hours.

A Yucatan travel guide – crystalline coasts and mysterious Mayan temples

Flanked to the east by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and dotted with the fascinating remnants of the once great Mayan civilization, a vacation in the Yucatan is like stepping into another world. Book a Yucatan hotel and be transported to a Mexico steeped in ancient history and lined with pristine white-sand beaches.

A Cancún travel guide – Caribbean seas, sparkling white sands and endless night life

Long spits of perfect beach dissolve into transparent warm waters at Mexico’s exhilarating resort town of Cancún. Scuba divers glide between underwater coral gardens bursting with bright angelfish while partygoers pack glitzy nightclubs until dawn. A Cancún vacation by the turquoise Caribbean sea can be as laid-back or as active as you want. Book a Cancún hotel for the ultimate beach vacation.

Where to shop in Cancún – where and what to buy

Cancún has a lot to offer if you are here to shop! In Cancún you will find a whole host of shops from famous brand names in chic designer stores to flea markets, modern shopping malls to street-side jewelry stands. One important thing to note is that Cancún is a duty-free zone meaning that you can purchase perfume, spirits and fine jewelry at some of the lowest prices in Mexico making the resort a shopping paradise!

What to see and do in Cancún - a short introduction

Cancún combines a number of different elements that appeal to many visitors. It has beaches should you want to want to relax and unwind, a vibrant nightlife, excellent shopping facilities and Mayan culture is never far away. For the more adventurous there are watersports and for golf-lovers there are world-class courses in the vicinity. There are also ecological theme parks near Cancún and spas for you to unwind.

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