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Travel Tips to Tenerife - More Than Just Beaches

Famous for beaches and a vibrant nightlife, Tenerife also has much to offer culturally, including 2 UNESCO-listed sites and a biosphere reserve. Mild winters make swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and cycling all-year activities. Tenerife has long been a popular winter destination for water sports, and it is now catching on with golfers too. Hotels vary from luxury and rural retreats, to family-friendly resorts, and boutique hotels.

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Tenerife Nightlife - Dance Clubs to Santa Cruz Café Bars

The south of Tenerife is famous for loud, youth-orientated clubs and bars. If these aren’t your style, there is a myriad other options, from fine dining to sunset cruises. Nightlife in the north of the island is more local and sophisticated.

Family Activities in Tenerife - From Mount Teide to Pine Forest Picnics

Tenerife's mild climate facilitates a host of family activities all-year-round. You can choose between a visit to Teide National Park or take a whale and dolphin trip out to sea. A bevy of museums, theme parks, hiking trails, water sports, and zoos also offer fun times in the sun. It is worth noting that most restaurants are family-friendly.

Tenerife's Arts and Culture - Carnival, Museums, and Folklore

Art and culture flourish on Tenerife, but are probably missed by most tourists, who come to flee the cold for the island's year-round sunshine. Many cultural events are aimed at locals, but visitors always receive a warm welcome. Tenerife's distance from the mainland has created a unique culture within Spain, and Canarians are happy to share it.

Where to stay in Tenerife – a guide to the best places to stay on the Island of Eternal Sunshine

Most holiday-makers are drawn to the islands southern tourist hubs; attracted by the allure of the luxury resorts, attractions, entertainment and lively nightlife. For those who want a quieter escape the northern and western coasts are home to some hidden jewels. 

A Tenerife travel guide – otherworldly landscapes, volcanic beaches and fiestas for ever

Holidays in Tenerife go beyond winter sun and pulsating nightlife. Book a Tenerife hotel to discover clifftop villages and subtropical valleys, dramatic Atlantic beaches and a sleeping beauty of a volcano.

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