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Harbour Views and Budget-Friendly Comfort - Where to Stay in Halifax

Whether you’re planning an elegant vacation or a low-key getaway, you’ll find a wide range of options in Halifax. Most of the city’s upscale properties are located in the downtown area within steps of the boardwalk overlooking Halifax Harbour. For more picturesque views of the water and less expensive rates, you’ll find a few cost-effective coastal hotels located within a 20-minute drive of the city centre.

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Independents, Vintage, and Markets - Exploring Halifax’s Shopping Scene

If you’re looking to do some shopping in Halifax, grab your most comfortable walking shoes because most shops are located in or near the downtown area and are easily accessible on foot. You’ll find independent boutiques, vintage shops, and markets selling local items. If you head away from the downtown, you’ll encounter several shopping malls and big box retail centres that stock brand name goods.

From Downtown Delights to Maritime Enjoyment - What to Do in Halifax

Halifax’s dual reputation for being a historic city and a coastal playground means it’s filled with exciting activities. The city is compact and pedestrian-friendly, which makes hitting its major sites like the maritime museum and Halifax Common easy to do. To see some of Nova Scotia’s renowned natural landmarks, you can take a boat tour from the famous Halifax Harbour.

A Waterfront Treasure - A City Guide to Halifax

Halifax is the premier destination from which to explore Atlantic Canada’s past and present. The city’s devotion to preserving its roots as a military fortification, and key player in the Titanic disaster, make it an attractive spot for history buffs. Its urban core is a cheery haven for fashion-seeking shoppers and sundown revelers. Families flock to Halifax’s waterfront to enjoy one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

Halifax’s Tasty Treats - Fresh Fish, Inventive Comfort Food, and Decadent Sandwiches

Since Halifax is on the Atlantic Ocean, it’s no surprise that you can find plenty of fresh seafood, although its most famous dish has decidedly land-based origins. The donair, a sandwich filled with seasoned, grilled meat, is a staple on the city’s culinary scene. For local produce and regional beers, you can dine at the casual and contemporary restaurants that make up much of Halifax’s gastronomic profile.

Top Tips For Exploring Halifax Like a Local

Halifax has a reputation for impressing its visitors with history-rich culture and laid-back charm. Thanks to its compact size, this pedestrian-friendly city allows visitors the ease of exploring many of its sites on foot. You can walk to many of its cultural points of interest, as well as quirky neighbourhoods loaded with lively bars and unique shops. Politeness and friendly service are points of pride for Halifax’s residents.

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