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The top five regions of Slovenia - a city guide

Slovenia is a country with many aspects; a mosaic of natural beauty in the centre of Europe. Due to its geographical location between the end of the Alps, the beginning of the woody Dinaric Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the country comprises Alpine peaks, beautiful lakes, quiet woods and wavy seas, and makes the perfect location for any kind of traveler. Although not a huge country, Slovenia is split into 11 regions, each with unique and exciting characteristics. If you’re planning a long stay, it’s worth visiting them all. However, if you’re looking for a short but varied visit, here are the regions we think are the best. 

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Where to stay in Slovenia - from hotels to shepherds huts

Who doesn’t like a room with a view? And lucky for you, Slovenia offers some pretty spectacular views. Whether you want to wake up to glistening sea, Slovenian Alps, wild forests, or sparkling lakes, there’s something to suit every budget and taste. 

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