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Where to Stay in Punta Cana - Beaches, Golf, and All-Inclusive Fun

With 100 km of beaches fringed by azure waters, it’s no surprise that most of Punta Cana’s hotels sit on the sandy shores. Stretching from Bávaro Beach in the north down to Cap Cana in the south, the region is a major destination for romance and adventure, as well as family fun.

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The Punta Cana Dining Scene - from Elaborate French Cuisine to Hearty Bean Stew

Most Punta Cana resorts have several restaurants and bars serving international food, so “dining out” may simply mean swapping a poolside terrace for a thatched beach hut. Don’t leave without sampling traditional Dominican food, dished up in cheery, low-key joints up and down the coast.

An Insider's Guide to Punta Cana - Travel Tips for the Perfect Holiday

Punta Cana is home to white-sand beaches, world-class golf courses, and year-round sun. The region boasts many all-inclusive beachfront resorts that cater to families, adults, and honeymooners. Regular flights connect the U.S. and Europe with Punta Cana International Airport, and you can get around via taxis, buses, and organized tours.

Shopping in Punta Cana - from Hand-rolled Cigars to Unique Jewelry

You’re never far from a souvenir in Punta Cana - and if a strolling beach vendor has what you’re looking for, the souvenir will come to you. Many excursions include stops at open-air markets like Plaza Bávaro, where you can pick up handicrafts, jewelry, and hand-rolled cigars. Modern malls allow you to shop for international brands in air-conditioned comfort.

Beyond the Beaches - Nature Reserves, Desert Islands, and Pirate Hideaways near Punta Cana

All Punta Cana resorts offer easy beach access and expert advice on excursions, so you can stay as active or as inactive as you like. Beneath the waves, there are reefs to snorkel and sunken wrecks to explore. A short drive from the coast takes you to vibrant cities, hidden coves, and traditional villages.

A Slice of Paradise - the Pristine Beaches and easy-going Charm of Punta Cana

Year-round sun, powder-sand beaches, friendly locals, and tall rum punches: Punta Cana is the quintessential Caribbean getaway. Barely inhabited until the 1970s, it’s a boomerang-shaped stretch of unspoiled coastline on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. Beyond the world-class golf courses and all-inclusive megaresorts, there are deep waters to fish, jungle trails to explore, and 500-year-old cities to visit.

Nightlife in Punta Cana - From Beach Bars to Cave Raves

Sunset ushers in cool drinks and candlelit dinners for vacationers, and most resorts offer a diverse program of entertainment. If you'd rather party with locals, you can do so at Punta Cana's many vibrant bars, clubs, and casinos. Bars serve rum-based cocktails like the Cuba Libre, and local DJs play funky merengue music that will have you dancing all night.

Family-Friendly Adventures in Tropical Punta Cana

Punta Cana is bursting with family-friendly resorts, and the region’s local attractions and activities will entertain children of all ages. From building sand castles on white sandy beaches to swimming with dolphins, there’s no shortage of memorable adventures.

Arts and Culture of Punta Cana - Festivals, Museums, and History

The blend of European, African, and native Taino Indian heritage in Punta Cana shines through in its festivals, religion, food, and arts. You’ll find a cosmopolitan mix of culture, from colorful Caribbean dance festivals and traditional markets to plantation-house museums and modern art galleries.

Where to stay in the Dominican Republic – a neighborhood guide

With such a stunning range of landscapes, visitors to the island have the luxury of never being too far from something spectacular to see or do. Happily, the range of hotels available is equally diverse, and caters to varying budgets, thereby ensuring a place to stay is never hard to come by. From large all-inclusive beachside resorts, to tranquil cabanas perched among palm trees, there are options aplenty.

Where to eat in the Dominican Republic – a food and dining guide

Combining a delectable blend of Spanish, indigenous Taíno and African cuisine, dining in the Dominican Republic offers a great opportunity to ingest the island’s culture by the plate-load.

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