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A city guide to Kusadasi: culture, climbing and carpets

Kusadasi is a seaside district on the west coast of Turkey, lined by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The town of Kusadasi was originally a fishing village and although it has since embraced the modern cosmopolitan trends it has managed to maintain a trace of its traditional atmosphere.

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Istanbul city guide – what you can expect from each area

Istanbul has been a focal point for travelers from east and west for years. As the former center of many empires and formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul has long since been a prosperous part of the Mediterranean and a key checkpoint for trade. The subsequent fusion of east and west has given a modern-day Istanbul with huge variety; from the hustle and bustle of Galata and sightseeing dreams of Sultanahmet to the green and rural haven of Princes’ Islands, Istanbul will not disappoint.

A Turkey travel guide – Byzantine frescoes, buzzing bazaars and endless coastline

Holidays in Turkey can include centuries-old Ottoman and Byzantine history, diving the Mediterranean or losing yourself in labyrinthine bazaars. Book a hotel in Turkey to feast like a sultan on ancient and modern delights.

A Istanbul travel guide – Ottoman splendours, colourful markets and rooftop nightlife.

An Istanbul city break means days spent exploring opulent palaces and teeming markets, before evening drinks in rooftop bars overlooking the Bosphorus. After booking your Istanbul hotel, travel through centuries of the city’s convoluted history at Ottoman mosques and Byzantine churches.

An Antalya shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

The coastal provincial town of Antalya boasts an amazing range of retail products, setting the scene for the perfect shopaholic's paradise. Shopping can be both a peaceful therapy session or an exhilarating adrenaline rush depending on where you go. The modern malls that are scattered across the city should provide a similar shopping experience to that of home.

Where to eat in Antalya – a food and dining guide

Dining in Antalya is no ordinary experience. The surrounding environment plays as much as an important role as the delicious local cuisine. In Antalya, you can enjoy a meal either along the relaxing beachside or amongst nature in the mountains. Whether it’s in a renowned five star resort or a traditional homely local restaurant, Antalya's food scene won't disappoint.

Where to shop in Kusadasi: carpets, gold and a fake Gucci bag

When it comes to shopping in Kusadasi, you can spend all your money in high-end stores, or stick to your budget and haggle like a pro at the local markets. It’s up to you. Either way, there’s a great selection of things to buy and they’re often cheaper than at home. So if you’re looking for some souvenirs for the family, a gift for yourself or the ideal interiors for your home, get out in the streets and get bargaining.

Where to eat in Kusadasi - from kofta to kebabs and everything in between

Turkish cuisine has become a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan influences. The Aegean region has inherited the style of Ottoman Court cuisine, with lighter spices, the use of rice over bulgur wheat and lots of seafood due to its proximity to the coast. However, if Turkish doesn’t tickle your fancy, Mediterranean cuisine is also popular and the region caters for a wide range of international menus too.

What to see and do – a guide to some of the main attractions in Istanbul

Istanbul is a colorful and historically rich city. As the center point of many former empires, the city is full of historical sites and monuments, most of which can be found in the Old City in the south. Or, to see Istanbul’s modern edge, head to New City to see the skyscrapers and shopping malls.

Where to stay in Fethiye – a neighborhood guide

There is a hotel for every kind of traveler in Fethiye. From low-priced lodges to luxury suites and from self-catered hotels to bed and breakfast, the city caters to all sorts of budgets and preferences. While top-class hotels near Fethiye marina will suit the more refined traveler, the beachside hotels in Cali are ideal for sun lovers. Whether you prefer the traditional pensions of Göcek or the all-inclusive hotels of Oludeniz, Fethiye won’t disappoint you.

Where to shop in Fethiye – where to go and what to buy

With an abundance of shops selling all sorts of goods from brand name clothes to basic home textiles, Fethiye is an authentic shopper’s paradise. No trip to Fethiye would be complete without browsing for bargains in the local open-air markets or for souvenirs in the shops that line the beachfront. If you enjoy shopping in open markets, Fethiye is the place for you as there are one or two every single day of the week.

Where to eat in Fethiye – a food and dining guide

Fethiye’s dining scene is much more than Turkish cuisine. From traditional to international dishes, the coastal city offers a variety of culinary delights that caters to all food preferences. When it comes to cuisine, Turkish people only settle for the best. Treat yourself to fresh seafood or traditional mezze while sipping on a refreshing Efes Pilsen near the beach. In the afternoon, join locals in some of the cosmopolitan cafes serving sweet pastries.

Top 10 alternative sports in the world

Oil-drenched wrestlers in Turkey or thundering hooves in Pakistan’s mountain villages – get some inspiration before booking your hotel with these top 10 alternative sports in the world.

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