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Sri Lanka shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

Historically, Sri Lanka was long renowned for its intricate handcrafts and home-grown produce. Popular goods included batik, lacework, metalwork and ivory carvings, while natural resources such as tea, spices and gems were, and still are, the country’s trademark. Yet, in recent years, it has seen a decline in such creativity thanks to an overhaul of government-run stores and mass production. While the state-run Laksala shops produce homogenous goods and tourist tat – such as brightly painted masks, elephant carvings or Dutch-influenced batik, some hidden corners are still home to authentic creativity and elaborate craftsmanship. 

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Where to eat in Sri Lanka - a food and dining guide

Not for the faint hearted, Sri Lankan food is a gastronomic explosion of fiery spices and flavors. As a result of its dynamic colonial past, the cuisine is a colorful blend of global cooking styles. While strong influence draws from the fare of its Indian neighbor, traces of Portuguese, Dutch and British culinary favorites are woven into its style, creating one of the world’s most dynamic cuisines. 

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