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A Puerto Rico travel guide – miles of white sand beaches, luxury resorts and shopping bargains

A holiday in Puerto Rico combines pampered beachside days with old-world culture and rainforest hikes. Book a Puerto Rico hotel and discover an island of gorgeous sandy beaches, preserved colonial neighbourhoods and hearty food.

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From crafts to coffee - where to shop in Puerto Rico

When you travel somewhere as enthralling as Puerto Rico, you’re guaranteed to want to purchase some kind of souvenir to remember your trip by. Whether you’re looking to bring the exotic taste of the local coffee back home with you, or want to find the ideal gift for the neighbour who looked after you cat, the shops of Puerto Rico offer all that and more. 

What to see and do in Puerto Rico - surf spots, ziplines and rainforests

As an island, Puerto Rico has an abundance of coastline, and with the year round tropical weather, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Luckily, there is plenty to keep you occupied, from adrenaline inducing sporting activities, acres of plush rainforest and truly idyllic beaches.  

Puerto Rico - a definitive guide to the regions of the island

In the northwest of the Caribbean, sandwiched between the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands lies the quaint yet enthralling island of Puerto Rico; a tropical paradise with more than just sun, sea and sand to its name. With residents speaking a combination of Spanish and English and the official currency being the US dollar, it’s an easy holiday spot for many tourists. Despite being only small, the island has 78 municipalities and a collection of three large adjacent islands all worth a visit. 

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