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A guide to Oman – desert forts, shimmering cities and green oases

A land of mirages and mysticism, all in Oman may not be as it first appears. Seemingly barren deserts hide lush wadis, or oases, where camels drink from palm-fronded pools. Fishing dhows haul in the freshest seafood from the open sea, while ancient ruins swelter under a desert sun, miles from water. Mountains, usually brown and dry, become green and lush overnight in the monsoon season. In the cities, grand mosques dazzle with mesmerizing patterns. In every sense, Oman is a beguiling place worth discovering. 

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Where to shop in Oman – a guide to retail therapy by city

Rich in Arab mysticism, Oman’s souqs are a wonderland of exquisite crafts, precious materials and local delicacies. They overwhelm every sense with the pungent aromas of spices and perfumes, a kaleidoscope of colors, a cacophony of human and animal noise. Each region has its own specialty, from the pottery of Nizwa to the frankincense of Salalah. The pristine malls of Muscat couldn’t be a more different experience; westernized and airy. But for a true taste of Oman, delving headfirst into the souqs is a must. 

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