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Stay In Sorrento - From Luxury Hotels to Family-Run Guesthouses

Sorrento's proximity to the Amalfi Coast means it attracts visitors who are eager to sleep in luxury while being soothed with stunning views of the natural landscape. The good news is, this is not exclusive to big-budget travellers. No matter what type of accommodation you go for - bed-and-breakfast, residence, or family resort - you'll be met with the same gorgeous views and friendly service.

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Shopping Sorrento - Artisanal Goods and Lemon Liqueur

You may head to Sorrento with the intention of spending all your time admiring stunning vistas and scoffing pizza, but you'll soon find that many shops selling artisanal goods will lure your eyes away from the landscape and into their windows. You'll find colourful ceramics, intricate intarsia - or wood inlay - furniture, butter-soft leather goods, and beautiful handcrafted bottles of local limoncello.

Indulge in Sorrento's Coastline and Gastronomic Delights

There's little that can prepare you for the onslaught of natural beauty Sorrento has to offer. From volcanic sand beaches that spill into the Tyrrhenian Sea, to myriad hiking and biking trails that wind through the limestone Lattari Mountains, you'll be bowled over by nature. For even more breathtaking panoramas, you can take a day trip to the neighbouring Amalfi Coast, then refuel with a gastronomic tour.

Soak Up Sorrento - From Ancient Ruins and Old Churches, to Sunny Beaches, and Parks

A southern Italian coastal town that overlooks the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is a popular holiday destination that offers stretches of sandy beaches and the warm, clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its historic city centre houses labyrinthine streets characterized by ancient ruins and stunning architecture, along with restaurants and bars serving up local delights.

Sorrento By Night - Cocktails By The Sea and Dancing Until Dawn

You'd be hard-pressed to think of a Sorrento without blue skies and eye-popping vistas, but in the evening, you'll find an equally enchanting city that draws you in with its warm atmosphere and endless cocktails. You can enjoy a typical Italian aperitivo with locals, take in some live music, or dance the night away at a club.

From Painting to Opera - Exploring Sorrento's Traditional Arts and Culture Scene

Sorrento’s artistic heyday dates back to the 15th century, when artists and artisans drew inspiration for paintings, sculptures, and intarsia (wood inlay) decorative pieces from the area's stunning scenery. Today, you can explore museums filled with examples of these distinguishing forms of art, as well as take in traditional Neapolitan musical performances and operatic works.

Sample Local Delicacies in Sorrento - From Fresh Seafood and Authentic Pizza to Innovative Gelato

Sorrento's position on the Bay of Naples and within the province of Campania puts it squarely in the heart of what many consider to be Italy's gastronomic centre. As is the case with most of the country's cuisine, fresh, local ingredients reign in dishes that date back generations. You can expect fresh fish, vegetables, and pastas, as well as traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Travel Tips for a Splendid Sorrento Sojourn

Nestled in the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the distance, Sorrento is a popular holiday destination. Its labyrinthine city centre is laden with restaurants and bars, ancient ruins, and churches that offer an architectural trip through history - from ancient Rome to the Renaissance. You can swim at local beaches, jaunt to the Amalfi Coast, or soak up the culture with a glass of limoncello in hand.

Shopping in Rome - Designer Labels, Artisanal Goods, and Street Markets

There's more to Rome than ancient monuments. The historic center is home to outdoor markets and shops selling hand-tooled leather goods. In residential Prati you'll find recognizable brands, while Italy's luxury labels are concentrated in the streets between Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps.

Top 10 historic things to do in Rome

Roman ruins, baroque palaces and celebrated shops – historic Rome has three millennia of sights to explore. Step outside your Rome hotel with this guide to see the best of the city’s significant sights.

Top 10 romantic things to do in Venice

Book a Venice hotel and be swept away by romantic Venice. With its gondola rides, opera and lavish baroque buildings, Venice oozes romance from every piazza, bridge and canal.

Top 10 Romantic things to do in Florence

A glass of chianti in a piazza, sunset over the River Arno and passionate paintings and frescoes – Florence wears its heart on its sleeve. See the city of romance in soft focus.

Where to stay in Venice – a travel guide to Venice’s neighbourhoods

Whether you’re looking for a Venice hotel in the heart of St Mark’s or arty Dorsoduro, this guide to the sestrieri, or districts, will help you choose where to stay in Venice.

A Tuscany travel guide – Renaissance cities, cypress-clad hills and world-renowned wines

Holidays in Tuscany take you to walled medieval towns and Renaissance cities brimming with art. Book a Tuscany hotel to catch a local festival or follow tranquil back roads past vineyards and olive groves.

Where to stay in Rome - a travel guide to Rome's neighbourhoods

Whether you want history, tranquillity or the full shopping experience, this guide on where to stay in Rome will help you find the right Rome hotel to book.

A Rome travel guide – imperial history, baroque art and classic cuisine

A Rome city break immerses visitors in history and culture. Book a Rome hotel to explore a fabled past and vibrant present of ancient Rome’s ivy-clad ruins, glittering baroque palaces and modern art galleries.

A Florence travel guide – centuries of art, Renaissance architecture and walks through romantic piazzas

A Florence city break will open your eyes to some of the world’s artistic wonders. Book a Florence hotel to come face-to-face with Michelangelo’s statue of David, or wander the Uffizi Gallery and its priceless trove of paintings.

Where to stay in Florence – a travel guide to Florence’s neighbourhoods

Whether you are looking for a Florence hotel near the Duomo cathedral or the Uffizi Gallery, this guide will help you choose where to stay in Florence.

A Venice travel guide – canals, rustic Venetian cuisine and waterfront palaces hiding priceless art

There’s not a car in sight on a Venice city break. It’s the canals that breathe life into this archipelago city on the Adriatic, Gondolas sweep under low wooden footbridges and past lively squares. Book a Venice hotel for a waters’ edge city awash in history.

Florence - Peasant Delicacies and Upscale Vintages

Florentine cuisine derives from peasant dishes relying on homegrown ingredients and imagination. These dishes are prepared in traditional and innovative manners, and are on offer in the city's wealth of restaurants, trattorias, and enotecas (wine bars). Thanks to Tuscany's rich terrain and plentiful vineyards, Florence is home to some of Italy's most renowned wines.

Discover Florence Through Centuries of Art

Known as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is widely regarded as Italy's artistic capital. Within the ancient medieval walls that enclose the historic center, the winding streets are dotted with as historic monuments and influential works of art. Walk the streets and you'll encounter awe-inspiring art - Michelangelo's David, Bartolomeo Ammanati's Fountain of Neptune - as well as great places to eat and drink.

Travel tips for Rome - Eternal City essentials

For a traveler to Rome, the sights that first come to mind are the Vatican, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s, and Trevi Fountain. While these are all must-sees for the first-time visitor, you should leave at least a day for simply wandering around the historic center. Exploring the side streets, piazzas, and open-air markets is the best way to experience the authentic soul of the city.

Shopping in Florence - Fashion For You and Your Home

Home to luxury international fashion labels, Florence is regarded as Italy's original fashion hub. This is the birthplace of handcrafted leather goods, and remains the go-to destination for exceptional shoes and handbags. But if you want to skip the designer boutiques, you can hit up the markets and outlet malls.

Intoxicating Nightlife - Wine and Music in Florence

Discovering and tasting the region's many fine wines at Florence's numerous bars is a popular pastime. Listening to live music - be it in a thumping nightclub, a groovy jazz bar, or a classic opera house - is one of the best ways to mix with locals.

Florence for Kids - Art, Science, and Food

Florence is the kind of city that takes the guesswork out of kid-friendly entertainment. From intellectual and sensorial experiences like museum tours and cooking classes, to the fun outdoor options offered by lush and sprawling public parks, your kids won't know what they'll want to do first.

Nightlife in Rome - Where to Find Bars, Discos, Opera, and Comedy

You can start your Roman night with an outdoor aperitivo, followed by light fare and Italian craft beer at a bar. After that, you could listen to an Italian tenor at the opera or head straight for the disco. Among the trendy areas for nightlife are Trastevere, the historic center, and Testaccio.

Fun and History for All Ages - Family-Friendly Activities in Rome

With activities and excursions that appeal to all ages, Rome offers plenty for families. Children will enjoy riding carousels in the parks, blowing bubbles in Piazza Navona, or taking the oath of brotherhood at gladiator school. A walk along the ancient Roman road, Via Appia Antica, is a memorable day out.

48 hours in Rome - how to fit the best pizzas, piazzas and palazzos into a weekend break

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can see the best parts of it in just two nights. Here’s an itinerary which breaks down how to see the main sights of the spectacular ancient city, along with some hidden gems, in just 48 hours.

Top 10 art gallery destinations in the world

From old masters and Impressionists to contemporary installations, book a hotel in an art-lover’s city with this guide to the top 10 art gallery destinations in the world.

A Sicily travel guide – one of the Mediterranean’s most handsome, enigmatic and rewarding islands.

Located at the toe of Italy's foot, the Mediterranean's largest island is a quintessential destination for art hunters, church aficionados, outdoorsy types, deep-sea divers and anyone looking to experience a bit of the old Italy. Stay in a Sicily hotel to experience the sandy shores, ancient villages and orange, lemon and olive groves of this mesmerising island.

A Pisa travel guide – Tuscan cuisine, riverside bars and that famous tower

The Leaning Tower is the iconic image of a Pisa city break. Of course you’ll want to climb its centuries old staircase, but you’ll soon discover there’s more to Pisa than just one building. Book a Pisa hotel and soak up the university town’s youthful energy.

A Naples travel guide – Roman relics, medieval castles and Neapolitan pizza

Seaside promenades lead around the bay on a Naples city break, and Mount Vesuvius hovers magically on the horizon. Book a Naples hotel overlooking the sea and feel the energetic pulse of this city of baroque churches and Neapolitan cuisine.

An Italy travel guide – a grand tour of medieval hill towns, Renaissance culture and Mediterranean resorts

Holidays in Italy take in ancient Roman ruins, baroque palaces and the canal cities of the Veneto. Book an Italy hotel in Tuscany’s Renaissance heartland or the capital city Rome and discover the beauty of Bella Italia.

A Capri travel guide – island idyll in the Bay of Naples

Holidays in Capri take you sauntering along bougainvillea-clad laneways and exploring tranquil bays. Book a Capri hotel to watch the sun set over the Bay of Naples, and discover the island’s tranquillity when the day-trippers have sailed away.

A Milan travel guide – designer fashion, gourmet cuisine, cultural riches and lively nightlife.

Cosmopolitan and classy, a Milan city break is about cafe-hopping, designer shopping and fine wining and dining. Book a Milan hotel to explore its historic centre, cutting-edge culture and dynamic vibe.

What to see and do in Sicily – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

As the largest island bobbing in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily's sprawling coastline is filled with local landmarks. A treasure trove of smoldering volcanoes, archeological sites and Michelin-starred restaurants, there are plenty of areas to explore. Once ruled by the Ancient Greeks and part of the Magna Graecia, here you will uncover historical gems at every twist and turn. Soak up architectural splendors such as the Norman churches with their glittering gold mosaics in Palermo (Palatine Chapel), and the cathedrals of Monreale and Cefalù.

Top 10 food and drink things to do in Rome

Rome is a feast for the senses, with traditional restaurants and modern bars. Book a Rome hotel and discover the city’s gastronomic delights with this tour of the top 10 food and drink things to do in Rome.

Winter holidays in Venice

A winter holiday in Venice means cosy days admiring Renaissance masterpieces, masked ball carnival celebrations or filling stockings with Italian food treats from the Christmas market. Book a winter hotel in Venice and avoid the summer rush and gallery queues.

A Pompeii travel guide – cobbled streets, vibrant frescoes and ancient villas

Experience history first hand on a Pompeii holiday and imagine how life was lived 2,000 years ago. Pompeii is Italy’s No 1 archaeological site, so book a Pompeii hotel and marvel at a city frozen in time.

Top 10 shopping ideas in Milan

The home of high fashion, fine foods and designer home interiors, shopping in Milan is part and parcel of a Milan city break. Shop till you drop and return to your Milan hotel with the latest fashions, food and homeware.

Spring holidays in Rome travel guide

Easter church services, flowers and centuries-old traditions come together on spring holidays in Rome. To watch the Eternal City celebrate one of the most important dates on the calendar, book a spring hotel in Rome.

Winter holidays in Rome

Street fairs, nativity scenes and festivities dot the calendar on winter holidays in Rome. Book a Rome winter hotel to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve in the Eternal City.

Top 10 Easter holiday destinations in the world

Whether you’re after a traditional mass in Rome or Easter celebrations in the Dubai desert, this guide to the top 10 Easter holiday destinations will help you book the right hotel for a spring break.

Short breaks in Rome – two days of ancient history, baroque treasures and superb dining

With 3,000 years of history, it can be hard to know where to start on a short break in Rome. Book a Rome hotel and see all the highlights with our attraction-packed itinerary.

Spring holidays in Milan

Sipping coffee outside pavement cafés and people-watching from the piazzas are all part of a spring holiday in Milan. Book a Milan spring hotel to enjoy alfresco aperitifs and the advent of spring fashion in the city of style.

Short breaks in Venice – an espresso-fuelled 48 hours of canals, churches and cocktails

Comfortable shoes and a map are all you need for a short break in Venice. Plan a few nights in a Venice hotel on the traffic-free island city with this itinerary.

Spring holidays in Florence

A spring holiday in Florence means rejuvenating, mild days ambling through Renaissance gardens, fresh produce at farmers’ markets and high-octane Easter festivities. Book a spring hotel in Florence and see the city at its freshest.

Short breaks in Florence – 48 hours of Renaissance masterpieces, Tuscan cooking and Chianti

It’s impossible to see every monument or painting on a short break in Florence. Get the best impression with a few nights in a Florence hotel by following this inspirational itinerary.

Where to stay in Milan – a travel guide to Milan’s neighbourhoods

Wondering where to stay in Milan? From city centre Duomo views to the atmospheric Navigli canal quarter, find the right Milan hotel with this guide.

Short breaks in Milan – cutting-edge fashion, world-class art, café culture and lively nightlife

A short break in Milan is all about fashion, food and football. Book a Milan hotel and use this two-day itinerary to make the most of this bustling Italian city.

Top 10 hotels in Rome

Whether you’re looking for a business base or a romantic hideaway, somewhere for the family or a haven of pure self-indulgence, this guide to the top 10 hotels in Rome will help you choose a room in the Eternal City.

A Vatican Museums in Rome travel guide – the Rome of the popes, decorated by Michelangelo and Raphael

Take a Vatican Museums holiday in Rome to marvel at the largest private art collection in the world, chosen by the clergy through the centuries. Book a hotel near the Vatican Museums in Rome and find some of the world’s great artistic treasures on your doorstep.

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