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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

48 hours in Rio de Janeiro - see the sights of Brazil’s busy heart in a weekend

Rio de Janeiro is enormous and one of the liveliest cities in the world. It’s no mean feat to squeeze everything in to one weekend, but it’s possible. This itinerary will help you see the biggest and best sights in Rio, as well as some more peaceful spots for when you need a break from the hectic streets.

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A Sao Paulo city guide – culture, nightlife, nature and architecture

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and is the capital of the state of the same name, established in honor of Saint Paul of Tarsus. With a significant population of over 11 million Paulistanos (local inhabitants), the city is a teeming metropolis with regional influences of arts and entertainment. Its culture reaches far beyond history and stretches into the modern day with worldwide acclaimed events such as the Brazilian Grand Prix and the world’s largest Gay Pride Parade. 

A São Paulo travel guide – cutting-edge architecture, precocious arts centre and culinary melting pot

Be spellbound by a São Paulo break that takes in vibrant cultural hot spots, futuristic urban marvels and diverse ethnic foods. From modernist museums showcasing the latest avant-garde trends to Japanese neighbourhoods with ramen houses, a stay at a São Paulo hotel uncovers the richness of life in this great metropolis.

A Rio de Janeiro travel guide – colonial history, beach fun and street music

A city break in Rio de Janeiro presents an unforgettable cityscape of green mountains overlooking blue seas and long, sandy beaches. Glamorous Rio de Janeiro hotels hug the seafront, where hot days drift into balmy nights with a samba soundtrack.

A Brazil travel guide – Afro-Brazilian beats,jungle trips and vibrant heritage cities

Visitors on carnival holidays in Brazil need to book well ahead to guarantee a hotel. Brazil is a fascinating destination any time for its Amazonian flora, colonial architecture and lively music scene.

Sao Paulo – where to stay in the city

Accommodation in this diverse and multicultural city is as varied and as different as the people that live within it. Choose from good cheap hostels in bohemian Vila Madalena, cozy bed and breakfasts to serviced apartments, three to five star hotels and boutique luxury hotels. There is something to suit any type of travelers needs in this city. Even the up-market accommodation is still reasonably affordable, making it a great city to spend a little and get a lot.

Rio de Janeiro shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

With an exciting mix of high-end shopping malls and flea markets, shopping in Rio won’t disappoint. Brazil is one of the world’s largest suppliers of coloured gemstones, making jewelry shopping in Minas Gerais a priority for many tourists. Throughout Rio you will find shoes, local music, bookshops and souvenirs along with cheap fashion and if that isn’t for you, almost every major district has a shopping mall of some sort.

Recife shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Recife has been a regional hub for services and commerce going back to Brazil's colonization in the 16th century. Its melting pot of races and creeds has created one of the richest arts, crafts, music and dance scenes in Brazil. Street markets in Boa Viagem, Old Recife and Olinda are a fun way to mingle with the locals and experiment with local delicacies. Containting much cheaper products than the up-market shops or galleries, you are welcome to bargain here, with a smile, or 'cry' (chorar) as the locals say. Kit yourself out with locally produced colourful masks and clothes for Carnival and São João festivals - they double up as souvenirs for back home.

Where to eat in Recife – a food and dining guide

The mixture of diverse ethnic traditions in colonial times gave rise to the exotic flavors which characterize Pernambuco’s cuisine today. The state manages to satisfy a wide variety of different tastes with gastronomical wealth and diversity. The Pernambucan cuisine is a rich fusion of Portuguese, African and native Brazilian dishes, often combined with the freshest tropical fruits, herbs and vegetables. The taste for sweets originated in the kitchens of the sugar plantation houses and whilst the coast provides abundant seafood, the countryside produces sun-dried beef and traditional cheese.

What to see and do in Recife – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Full of sun, sea and surf, Recife is an ideal Brazilian getaway, but this sunny spot has more to offer than your typical beach-side favorites.  Recife holds one of most colorful and folkloric carnivals in the country and along with its neighbor, Olinda, they are considered to be amongst the most culturally diverse cities in Brazil. The local multicultural arts and music scene thrives with galleries, exhibitions and live performances taking place throughout the year. Visit museums, squares, parks and churches to walk through the centuries of Pernambucan and Brazilian history. Today's Recife is dynamic, exciting, abuzz with action, warmth and color and always ready for a good time.

Short getaways in São Paulo – inspirational art museums, buzzing nightlife and indulgent cuisine

Get the most from a short getaway in São Paulo with this two-day itinerary. Book a São Paulo hotel and enjoy all of the delights of this sultry metropolis.

Top 10 cultural things to do in São Paulo

Groundbreaking art, sensational museums and timeless music venues – book a São Paulo hotel and be inspired by this guide to the top 10 cultural things to do in São Paulo.

Top 10 food and drink things to do in São Paulo

Melt-in-your-mouth sushi, sizzling barbecued beef and Amazonian berry juices – stay at a São Paulo hotel and savour the city’s culinary treats with this guide to the top 10 food and drink things to do in São Paulo.

Top 10 nightlife moments in Rio de Janeiro

Samba dancing, bossa nova singing and balmy nights with cocktails by the beach. Book a Rio de Janeiro hotel and take in the city’s delights with this guide to the top 10 nightlife things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

Summer holidays in Rio de Janeiro

Summer breaks in Rio de Janeiro are when tropical dreams of paradise come true. Carnival casts its liberating spell over all comers while festive spirit engulfs New Year’s revellers along Rio’s turquoise shore. Book a Rio de Janeiro summer hotel for balmy nights and joyous celebration.

Where to stay in São Paulo – a travel guide to São Paulo’s neighbourhoods

Whether you’re looking for a São Paulo hotel in chic Jardins or business-friendly Brooklin, use this guide to help choose the best place to stay in São Paulo.

Short breaks in Rio de Janeiro – beach paradise, emerald mountains and samba music

Make the most of a short break in Rio de Janeiro with this two-day itinerary. Book a Rio de Janeiro hotel and get the best out of this lively city.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro – a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro’s neighbourhoods

Use this insider’s guide to the Rio de Janeiro’s neighbourhoods to book the best Rio de Janeiro hotel for you and take the stress out of your visit.

Top 10 beaches destinations in the world

Whether you’re after sunbathing on white sand or snorkelling around coral reefs, you’ll know where to book your next hotel with this guide to the world’s top 10 beach destinations.

A Rio de Janeiro travel guide – samba school parades, carnival balls and street parties

Rio Carnival is one of the world’s best known events. Its glittering costumes and samba inspire thousands of visitors to take a Rio de Janeiro holiday. Hotels host Rio Carnival balls and parties through the night.

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