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Where to Stay in Kuta - From Luxury Beachfront Resorts to Simple Guesthouses

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For tropical sea views and pampering spa treatments, you'd do well to focus your attention on the area's luxury beachfront resorts. These are found lining the sand from Tuban in the south, near the international airport, to Seminyak in the north. Travel a few blocks inland to find simpler accommodation, where rooms can sometimes be quite basic and budgets stretch a whole lot further.



Staying in central Kuta means being surrounded by lively action. This is where you'll find the greatest concentration of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shops. The streets can be noisy at night, but they ensure a constant buzz which can lift your spirits - rather than annoy you - in the cool comfort of your hotel room.


Hotels in the centre range from true budget backpacker hostels in the alleys off Poppies Lane II, to luxury resort enclaves hidden within lush landscaped gardens. This area mainly attracts a young crowd, but you will also see plenty of families and older folks happy to join the fun.


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Large, all-inclusive, and self-contained resorts dominate the beachfront landscape in Tuban. They are close to many of Kuta's best family attractions - including the Waterbom Bali water park - and are within easy reach of the international airport. Staying here lets you experience exotic, golden sand Balinese beaches, and the kids can still finish the day with a cooling splash in the pool.


With onsite restaurants, spas, and expansive pools, Tuban's hotels make a convenient, carefree base for families with children. Many have facilities and suites designed for families, and their restaurants and bars can become lively rest stops brimming with package tour visitors.


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Legian is Kuta's northern neighbour and an area which begins just beyond the main road of Jalan Melasti. Although these 2 neighbourhoods are joined at the hip, Legian is more quiet half of this pairing. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs still line the streets, but the clientele is just a bit older, and perhaps wiser too. Young families are a common sight on the beach.


Just as in Kuta, larger self-contained properties line the beach, while smaller hotels and guesthouses fill the blocks inland. Legian makes a good choice if you want to be part of the show, but not centre-stage.


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Kuta's northernmost neighbourhood, Seminyak, is a chic place that draws a sophisticated crowd. Music tends towards jazz, and the scene as a whole feels more upmarket. Martini bars outnumber pubs, and browsing the fashion boutiques is more popular than haggling with the souvenir hawkers who work the beaches. Experienced surfers would staying in Seminyak for the larger waves.


Luxury is paramount in Seminyak, with the priciest rooms, and the highest concentration of onsite spas and swimming pools. Despite this, you will still find some budget accommodation hidden away along the side streets, and further away from the beach. This is also the best place to look for private villas.


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