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Sprawling Resorts and Cozy Guest Houses - Where to Stay in Kodaikanal

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As a popular tourist hub, Kodaikanal offers an abundance and a variety of accommodation. For honeymooners, staying by the lake adds that extra touch of romance to your trip. Families like to camp in the north at large resorts packed with facilities for kids. If you're solo or travelling with a group of friends you can find a budget-friendly cottage to rent in neighbouring Vattakanal.

Kodaikanal Lake


Kodaikanal Lake is the hill station's focal point and main attraction - staying close to the shore guarantees both scenery and convenience. Other popular spots include nearby Bryant Park and Coaker's Walk. There you still have easy access to top-rated restaurants, the lively market stalls, and all the elements that give the place an undeniable buzz.


Kodaikanal Lake is encircled by a mix of high-end hotels and affordable guest houses. To make the most of the spectacular setting you can choose a plush hotel right on the shore, or find a resort surrounded and secluded by fragrant orchards. Around Anna Salai, or Bazaar Road, most accommodation is clean, basic, and easy on your wallet.


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Laws Ghat


Laws Ghat Road is a particularly long street that snakes through the hill station. It starts off near Kodaikanal Lake and runs through to the Shenbaganur Museum, at the east end. If you like to move around and see as much as possible, staying somewhere along Laws Ghat gives you easy access to all the area's top attractions.


travelling along that busy artery of Laws Ghat Road, you'll spot stone-built, old-world resorts half-hidden in the trees, and new-age hotels with glass facades. Facilities range with your preferred price level, from lavish to basic. Either way, you'll be able to come and go from Kodaikanal Lake and all the surrounding hotspots.


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Serenity-seekers tend to travel slightly further north to Attuvampatti. This secluded part of the hill is ideal for spending time out in nature and taking a break from city life with long hikes and fun picnics. Sprawling green spaces, historical temples, and gurgling brooks provide a picturesque backdrop to your stay.


Attuvampatti is home to many of Kodaikanal's top resorts. Families flock here for fun-filled vacations at resorts that offer facilities and activities to keep the kids fully engaged. These accomodations are relatively far from town but make every effort to compensate with busy, buzzing in-house restaurants, bars, and Ayurvedic spas.


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Not far from Kodaikanal but much quieter in terms of tourists, Vattakanal is a tiny hamlet at the foot of the Palani Hills. This area is another green paradise, shrouded in mist and fringed with seemingly unending forests. Visitors are treated to panoramic views and fresh produce from local plantations, while the atmosphere is a little more relaxed than Kodaikanal, and the prices a little lower.


Vattakanal is dotted with budget cottages, and guest houses offering affordable home stays. While local families make for warm and generous hosts, this is also a great jumping-off point for going it alone. If your idea of a holiday means trekking the hills, cooking your own meals, and enjoying some solitude by a fireplace at night, then Vattakanal is the place for you.


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