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Manila Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Dining in Manila is a great experience, with a wide selection of flavors and cuisines from around the world. Filipino food has been strongly influenced by the Spanish occupation of the country. Visitors will find some of the best Spanish cuisine in Asia in Manila.

Typical Filipino cuisine consists of rice with chicken, beef, pork and seafood. One of the most loved local delicacies in the Philippines is balut, which is a boiled duck embryo. Other popular Filipino dishes include skewered and marinated barbequed pork and beef, garlic fried rice and deep fried banana pieces.

Across the city there are an abundance of American fast food restaurants serving hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken. In the countless shopping malls are large food courts, which have a good selection of cuisines and provide a popular choice for local families.

For fine dining, most of the international hotels in the city have world-class restaurants serving international cuisine prepared by acclaimed chefs. Napkil Street is also known for its quality eateries, which range in price.


Situated in Binodo district, Chinatown has a vast selection of Asian restaurants including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean. An array of street stalls is also available, which are cheap and generally very good. There are numerous specialty restaurants which serve local daily catch from the warm tropical waters of the Philippines.


The district of Malate is geared toward foreign tourists with an abundance of restaurants, cafés and eateries serving Western cuisine including Italian, French, Mediterranean, British and American fare. Most of the restaurants are grouped together, making it easy to explore and choose a venue on foot.

Napkil Street

One of Manila's top areas for dining, Napkil Street has a wide array of restaurants, cafés and local eateries. Visitors will find numerous quality dining options with prices to match. The street is closed to traffic during the night and a lively atmosphere is created with a large crowds coming to enjoy the selection of food.


Manila restaurants

227 Salcedo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City
Phone: +63 2 818 0106
This modern fine dining restaurant serves an extensive menu with Spanish and Italian influences. Only top grade meat and produce is used and the presentation is fantastic. Diners will enjoy the large open dining room which has comfortable seating and a Mediterranean feel.

Cookbook Kitchen
8 Socorro Fernandez Street, Mandaluyong City
Phone: +63 2 724 3595
Cookbook Kitchen is a hidden gem that serves classic Filipino cuisine with Spanish influences. The menu consists of fresh seafood, pasta, fried chicken and stir-fry variations. Cookbook Kitchen's small and cozy dining room is unique, with hand painted murals on the walls and colorful décor.

Peri Peri Chicken
Level 1, Promenade, Greenhills
Located in the beautiful Promenade in Greenhills, Peri Peri Chicken is a great family restaurant serving Portuguese styled chicken, which is a Filipino favorite. The colorful menu has fresh salads, burgers, soups and grilled chicken. Diners will enjoy great value fresh and tasty food.

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