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Brisbane Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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Brisbane is one of Australia's most historically important cities and is loaded to the hilt with impressive buildings in the center. It also has an array of world class museums and galleries that hold much of the country's cultural wealth and history. The galleries in South Bank in particular are nicely laid out and appeal to a broad audience.

Many monuments and landmarks in the city date back to the early 1800s and remain in good condition and there are extensive pedestrian streets from which to admire them. The city has established many types of tours for visitors to take it all in, from open-top bus and walking tours to two-hour cruises along the Brisbane River.

Anzac Square

Anzac Square sits in the heart of downtown Brisbane and is its most focused landmark. It is a huge city square that is loaded with monuments galore, including statues, landscaped gardens, and the Eternal Flame.

South Bank

The South Bank area of Brisbane is a popular tourist area as it contains many of Brisbane's museums and galleries and is a fine place to gather or people-watch. It is easily explored on foot and there is an artificial beach and parklands, to boot, along with shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Conrad Treasury Casino

This casino is located in the Queensland Government Treasury building and is one of the city's favorite attractions. It has many gaming tables and slots as well as some cool entertainment options including live shows, cocktail bars and restaurants. 


Wheel of Brisbane

As with many world cities, Brisbane has its own gigantic Ferris wheel that lets visitors view the city from over 130ft up on a 15-minute ride. It resides south of the river in South Bank and although not as large as London's or Singapore's wheels, the views from the apex are superb. 

Brisbane River

A major artery allowing for Brisbane's creation, this serene, winding river heads east past the CBD and South Bank and is best seen on a cruise. Large vessels can navigate the river and there is a dock at Portside Wharf, while parks, gardens and many unique attractions line it. 

Queensland Museum

This is one of Brisbane's best museums featuring a huge natural history exhibition on dinosaurs and fossils as well as a section on aborigines. Much of the Queensland Museum has clever, interactive displays that will appeal to all plus there is a natty café and gift shop onsite.